Tales from the Mustang 45

Lets get this party Started
Humble Beginnings

Al the bartender buys an old bank in Cloud City in order to start his own club called the Mustang 45. He pays Lo-Bot the initial rent, which doesn’t leave him with a whole lot left over. He goes out and solicits help for the Mustang 45, which has zero employees at the moment. He finds many other Cloud City businesses to help him in his venture. Right now the largest competition to the Mustang 45 is the bar just across Cloud City’s large halls. “Order 66” is a very large and popular establishment in Cloud City. Al is unable to even get entry to the swanky club, whose large bouncers makes it clear he is not welcome.

Gringo Blingo and Bas-a-Maska are Al’s current suppliers. Helgar Stew is a potential employee, who is introduced to Al by her sister at the Business Affairs Office.


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